Type ‘B4’ antipollution system is the result of a collaboration with ARPAT (the Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection of Tuscany), following the evolution of European regulations with regards to the release of solvents into the atmospheres.
This collector has been designed to improve the efficiency with which the solvents used in overspray in the automatic spray booths, are captured.
It works in the same way as model B3. Differently from B3, however, the internal air passage sections have been increased, along with the volume of water that can be contained. These changes will allow for extremely efficient purification of the solvents and particulate contained in the air released into the atmosphere.


  • Internal and external structure entirely build from stainless steel
  • Large doors to allow for easy internal inspection and maintenance
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Large recirculation water capacity
  • Greater volume of water in the containment tank
  • Larger section filter elements
  • Reduction of air speed in filter section
  • Set up for assembly to the side of the booth, reducing space required to a minimum
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Dual centrifugal vacuum
  • Electric motors with special seals on the fan assembly support shaft
  • Electric recirculation pump with high capacity and pressure
  • Easily removable drip separator trays built entirely from stainless steel