The drying tunnel Mod.TB2 is now the highest stage of development in the field of drying. Its special air recycling system and its high insulation obtain the highest efficiency for drying.
This tunnel may be powered by different forms of energy sources such as steam, hot water, super heated water, thermal fluid or else with gas burners (methane gas or L.P.G.). Its modular structure allow to get more sections with one or more temperature control stages.
It can be installed on a spraying system as well as those behind a roller coating machine.


  • Structure completely manufactured in die-cast galvanized sheet metal.
  • Pre-painted panels with high density insulation self-extinguish, thickness 60 mm.
  • Modular element construction.
  • High efficiency fans.
  • Directed air flow to improve drying efficiency.
  • Conveyor belt support rollers equidistant from one another and adjustable in height.
  • Large surfaces for air filtering in circulation.
  • Large sized front and rear doors for easy internal inspection and maintenance.
  • Radiators in stainless steel or modulating burners.
  • Centrifugal Exhaust fan.
  • Electronic thermoregulator.


  • Inverter to adjust inner ventilation.
  • Pre-arranged for drying air humidity control.
  • Heat exchangers to recover the exhausted air coming out from the tunnel.

Technical data