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The drying tunnel model TG is the only model of the range that its heating system based on catalytic panels powered by natural gas or LPG. The catalytic panels allow for the best possible use of the heating power produced by the fuel used to power them directly within the tunnel.
Gas combustion takes place with no naked flames, thanks to the construction technology used in the catalytic panels. These produce infrared radiation that strikes the surface of the leather to be dried.
Air is circulated within the tunnel by high-performance, helicoidal blade fans.
• 50 x 40 cm catalytic panels placed in a row on a support frame.
• Hot air recirculation system with helicoidal fans.
• Structure completely manufactured in die-cast galvanized sheet metal.
• Pre-painted panels with high density insulation self-extinguish, thickness 40mm.
• Conveyor belt support rollers equidistant from one another and adjustable in height.
• Large sized front and rear doors for easy internal inspection and maintenance.
• Centrifugal Exhaust fan.
• Electronic thermoregulator.

• Inverter to adjust inner ventilation.
• Humidity control.
• Heat exchangers to recover the exhausted air coming out from the tunnel (Heat Recovery System).

Technical data