• B3
  • B3

This type of Antipollution system is prepared for installation coupled directly to the spray booth, thereby reducing the space required. It can also be installed outside the building, at the same level as the spray booth, by using a connection channel.
Its construction uses a filter path that goes from the bottom upwards.
We have constantly updated these products on the basis of years of experience, and have now successfully optimised vacuuming and filtering, taking them to maximum levels obtainable for this type of product.


  • Internal and external structure entirely build from stainless steel
  • Large hatches to allow for easy internal inspection and maintenance
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Set up for assembly to the side of the booth, reducing space required to a minimum
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Dual centrifugal vacuum
  • Electric motors with special seals on the fan assembly support shaft
  • Electric recirculation pump with high capacity and pressure
  • Easily removable drip separator trays built entirely from stainless steel

B3 collectors are available as models 2500-4400-5000.