• D1
  • D1

The type "D1" antipollution system has been designed to meet the demands for use where there are high pollutant loads, due to the finishing process.
The feature that makes this product stand out from the rest, is the use of the vacuum with the fan assembly kept constantly wet by means of a high pressure jet of water. The mix of air and water centrifuged by the fan assembly, allows the water to encorporate the particles in the finish overspray.
After the purification area, the air is directed onto stainless steel drip separators in order to remove all traces of water within, before they are released into the atmosphere.


  • Internal and external structure entirely build from stainless steel
  • Large hatches to allow for easy internal inspection and maintenance
  • Can be installed some distance away from the booth
  • Set up for assembly with booths on upper floors
  • High filter efficiency, even in demanding situations
  • Single, large vacuum
  • Stainless steel vacuum fan assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Electric recirculation pump with high capacity and pressure
  • Electric motor with special seals on the fan assembly support shaft
  • Easily removable drip separator trays built entirely from stainless steel