Control System 4.0

  • Control System 4.0
  • Control System 4.0
  • Control System 4.0
  • Control System 4.0
  • Control System 4.0
  • Control System 4.0

The "CONTROL SYSTEM" is a system that allows the monitoring of and regulation of the following plant system operational parameters managed by way of Personal Computer:

  • Belt advancement speed
  • Carousel rotation speed
  • Spray gun height above the belt
  • Drying tunnel temperature
  • Cooling tunnel temperature
  • Drying and cooling tunnels ventilation
  • Percentage of humidity inside the tunnels

The Control System package is made up of an industrial PC with a touch screen control panel that utilises a management software system with a user friendly interface that is immediately comprehensible. The PC acquires all of the data required by way of the connections to dedicated data cards found both on the electrical control command panel and on the paint economiser.
The software allows the plant to be self regulated through the setting of predetermined parameters for the realisation of the article, guaranteeing the greatest operational efficiency possible, the highest energy savings available and the reproducibility of the process independently of changing work environment conditions.
The operator panel visualises on a main page the values set and the actual values relative to all of the operational parameters of the entire plant system.
It is possible to interface the Control System with the firm's management system by way of the network card found on the PC. This interface allows the transfer and therefore the monitoring of the data relative to different production lots in real time, such as total number of hides processed, processing time, surface area processed and whatever other information might be requested.

The principal functions anticipated are:

  • Memorisation of the operational formulas (recipes) divided by article
  • Management of production lot data
  • Production time management
  • Real time management and control of operational parameters
  • Interface with company management software by way of a network card