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Energy Saving System is a device patented by Barnini Srl, product of research initiated in our Technical Offices with the collaboration of public and private entities. The system installed on automatic paint spray plant systems allows energetic savings that go from 20% to 40% of the total energy absorbed, improving function and reducing environmental impact.

The advantages of the ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM are:

  • Electrical and thermal energy savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Higher efficiency of the plant purification system
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced number of air changes
  • Optimised performance

The Energy Saving system is an automatic paint spray plant system with one or more paint spray booths, allows a savings of thermal and electrical energy according to a rational operational design.
The device, operating in the different work modalities, optimises all of the energetic resources used in the paint spray plant system.
Under the current operational standards the plant systems are started up at full operational capacity at the beginning of processing anticipating an automatic check only on the consumption of compressed air and of the paint sprayed by the spray guns by way of the economiser, which as a function of the different operational modalities, activates the processes of Automatic or Manual spraying or circuit Washing.
Other operational elements of the plant system, in particular the drying tunnel air recycle ventilator fans, the tunnel exhaust, the aspirators on the purifier towers remain in constant and continuous operation as if the hides were always present on the conveyor belt without taking into account inevitable interruptions due to operator pauses, colour feed circuit cleaning, maintenance or adjustment of the spray guns or lot changes during the different phases of the processing of the hides.
These non-productive phases of the processing, besides causing an increase in management costs due to electrical energy consumption, also create a further dispersion of heat into the work environment and in the drying tunnel caused by the air recycling foreseen by the continuous operational cycle of the plant system.
This device proposes to reduce energetic waste during the plant's non-productive phases and during production as well.
To this end the Energy Saving System is made up of an automatic system that by way of a central control unit operates on the piloting elements of the different plant components.

As a function of the operational modality of the plant system, the control unit regulates the operational elements according to a pre-established layout with the purpose of minimising the energetic consumption of the sections.