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The device for quick color change, known as FAST CHANGE, allows to perform the washing operations of the circuit, the loading and unloading of color simultaneously with the normal processing, reducing downtimes in the existing spraying lines.

This device is composed of:

  • A “block colour change”, connected to each gun, has the task of switching circuits paint.
  • Distributor with n.10 paint colour and n.6 compressed air circuit.
  • “Electronic control system” having an integrated operator interface with LCD 10 “offers the possibility to monitor the status of the processing.

The benefits are:

  • Elimination of the dwell times for colour change.
  • Elimination of waste paint.
  • Possibility to recover the product completely from the ring circuit.
  • Possibility to clean the circuit of paint which is not used.
  • Operator interface with LCD screen.