semiautomatic reciprocating

The Reciprocating version allows to change article easily and rapidly. The paint consumption is very limited. In addition, it is equipped with two chemical product recovery systems. The in inlet automatic painting booth allows a uniform paint distribution, while the second position manual spray booth allows the operator to finish off the leather details in an artisan manner. The drying tunnel allows a rapid and smooth drying. In addition, is equipped with wires cleaning system in outlet.

  • Dry filtering vacuum system.
  • Brushless engine spraying guns handling trolley (up to 2 spraying guns),
  • No paint distributor.
  • Inclined conveyor belt to facilitate in an ergonometric manner the operator during the manual spraying stage.
  • Possibility to manage spraying with economiser and reading bar.
  • Drying tunnel in TV and TB2 version
  • Dry pneumatic wire scrappers cleaning system.

Technical data