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The automatic rotary spray booth is the result of continuous technical development gained in 50 years of activity. The purpose is to offer a leading product able to satisfy the several and increasing market requirements.
The production of automatic rotating paint spray booths is structured on 12 models (from 1500 to 3800) with the possibility of installing up to 3 spray gun per arm with separate paint circuits.
The structure provides the possibility to install carousel fitted with different configurations.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the study of the air flows needed for the aspiration from the inside of the booth so as to obtain a decrease of the overspray.
This result has been achieved creating a current coming from the top conveys the particles downward in the central aspiration channel keeping the glassed surfaces and the rotating parts in
movement clean.

The paint distribution circuit has (as standard) on all of the rotating booth models the possibility of product recovery.
This system of simple realization allows:

  • Performance of color change and circuit cleaning in very short time.
  • Reduction of pollutant load by avoiding to waste the product into the booth still present in the circuit at the end of work.
  • Lower production costs thanks to a reduced use of solvents and a partial recovery of the paints.


  • Structure made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Large glassed windows areas for easy monitoring of the spraying process.
  • Internal structures, fed by the spray aerosol, are constantly kept washed through recirculating water veils or dry.
  • Internal surface cleaning and maintenance times are greatly reduced.
  • High productivity with high transfer paint efficiency.
  • Optimization of the operational phase with reduction of overspray.
  • Reduced pollutant load.
  • Rotation group characterized by mechanics of simple conception and tested experience.
  • Easy access for any type of adjustment.
  • Reduced maintenance times.
  • Excellent distribution of aspirated air.
  • Pre-arrangment for the installation of any model or make of paint spray economizer.

The main innovation it is an air control system that offers the option of direct inlet of filtered and conditioned air inside of the spray booth, taking it directly from outside of the finishing room.
The advantages of this system are:

  • Air is filtered before entry into the spray booth.
  • Conditioning of air entering the spray booth
  • Reduced pressure in the finishing room.
  • Reduced overspray during spraying.
  • Reduced environmental impact with in an improved microclimate in the workplace.
  • Energy saving for conditioning air taken into the premises used as finishing.

Upon request it is possible to equip the booths with:

  • Normal spray systems (air mix).
  • HVLP low pressure spray gun spraying systems.
  • High pressure Airless spray systems.
  • Spray systems for foam product applications.
  • “Fast change” system for quick colour change.
  • Color recovery basins for Airless application systems.
  • Raise/Lower device to adjust the height of all of the spray guns automatically.
  • Paint pump support platform.
  • Surfaces glass windows with sliding doors framed with anodized aluminum profiles.

Technical data