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Barnini S.r.l. offers design, production services, through cutting processes, bending, welding, mechanical processing with chip removal, assembly and painting, installation and assistance of painting, drying and presses for the tanning industry, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, and undertakes to:

  • Maintain customer satisfaction through timely and appropriate identification of market and stakeholder needs;
  • Ensure the improvement of the environmental performance of impact to its business context,

Barnini S.r.l. pays particular attention to the risks and opportunities that have an impact on its Management System and which it manages through adequate and effective methods.
Barnini aims to create sustainable quality products with constant technological innovation and a qualified assistance service.
The management intends to support its company structure through the integrated Quality/Environment management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards and requires the figures involved at all levels with Barnini S.r.l. to offer maximum collaboration to meet the explicit and implicit requirements of the Quality and Environment system as reported in the Company’s Quality/Environment Manual, and pursue continuous improvement.
The company policy requires all employees and suppliers to make a constant commitment to reduce and/or prevent non-conformities intended as sources of higher costs and dissatisfaction with our Customers, but above all to identify aspects to be optimised with new technically innovative solutions in the design and production of their plants.
Management quantifies by updating the values of the individual objectives during the review and arranges the necessary actions to achieve them.
In addition, the company management, aware of the importance of interacting with organisations and associations in the local tanning sector, is committed to participating in and promoting initiatives aimed at identifying new technologies and solutions that are beneficial and useful for the sector.

Therefore, Barnini S.r.l., through its Personnel and resources, acts according to the following operating principles:

  • maintain a high level of intrinsic know-how;
  • feed the motivations of the Personnel through the implementation of professional growth programmes, aimed at every level of the company, and awareness of Quality;
  • Develop and implement improvement plans that provide for the development and expansion of the company’s Quality and Environmental Management System, determining in advance the main implications in terms of risks/opportunities and controlling their application through verification of the state of achievement of the objectives set;
  • optimise the overall efficiency of the Company through accurate and continuous management of resources;
  • maintain compliance with applicable legal requirements, preventing or reducing the environmental impact of production activities;
  • ensure an effective monitoring system of the most significant environmental aspects related to its production activities, in particular for the evaluation of the environmental performance of the suppliers of products and services;
  • promote the approach based on risk assessment (Risk based Thinking) with the aim of preventing unwanted events, such as environmental damage, accidents and occupational illnesses, and with the commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce all associated risks;
  • pursue the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, including pollution prevention;
  • create systems that meet performance targets with reduced environmental impact;
  • raise staff and suppliers' awareness of environmental aspects and involve them in quality and environmental objectives and targets;
  • implement structural and management measures to prevent environmental accidents and ensure an adequate response if they occur, with particular attention to the risk of spilling liquid waste;
  • meet its obligations of mandatory legislative compliance;
  • maintain a high level of customer service.

Annually, Barnini reviews the Quality and Environment policy in order to confirm its continued suitability and defines the objectives and indicators to monitor their achievement, and provides for immediate updating in the event of significant changes.
The Management is personally involved in respecting and implementing these principles by ensuring and periodically verifying that this Policy is documented, made operational, kept active, disseminated to all personnel and made available to the public and that it is brought to the attention of and adequately illustrated to the company's personnel.

The General Management